These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things – Website Edition!

It’s the first week of 2015 and Spartan’s running full speed ahead into the New Year! Almost four years ago, Spartan underwent a MASSIVE re-branding. From our logo and colors to a massive overhaul of website – we brought a brand new face to the market.  And BOOOY did we need it!

SpartanLogoMashUpLike most things, the website that once made us OHHH and AHHH slowly became outdated. Our minds churning with inspiration, we began to envision a new and improved Spartan website. A site that was cleaner and image heavy. A site that simplified user options and made navigation a cinch.

Today, we are OHH SOOO EXCITED to launch the new and improved We’re insanely excited for you to give it a whirl. Check out some of our new features, and hopefully we’ll excite you!


NUMERO UNO – Home Page and Navigation Refresh!


Ohhh, helllllo! Welcome to Spartan’s new homepage. Where would you like to go Madame/Sir? Would you like to know what products we have in your region? Or perhaps you may like to see some inspirational installation images? Better yet, how about installations in your area? Rightio then, off you gooooooo!


NUMERO DOS – Product Finder



Selecting your region has never been prettier! Monuments, and foliage,  and skylines OH MY! Go ahead, put your mouse all over these beauties and dig into what products we have in your region. Hold onto your socks!


NUMERO TRES – Project References



Check it!  All your design skills shining through in all their AHHH-mazing glory!  Day in and day out, these spaces inspire us to do what we do.  Interiors and exteriors weaved together in beautiful harmony. Explore by region, material, manufacturer, and application.  See something you like? Click View Project, and you can see photos galore, find more information about the space, check out the designer and get details about the materials used.



Want to see a material in person? Use the handy dandy sample order form to the right of each reference to get samples of that material sent right to your door! Easy, peasy, one-two-threesy!


NUMERO QUATRO – Find Projects Near You



A picture may be worth 1000 words but in the flooring world, a few real life steps means everything. That’s where this gizmo comes in. Just type in your zip code, and voila! All the projects in your area on one page. Hover over a pin to see the project name, and click on a pin to check out its photos and project details.

Hellooo.. you’re still here?! What are you doing still listening to us?! See it for yourself. Inspiration awaits, my dear fellow!

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