Prepare to be FLOORED. Spartan Surfaces DC Showroom GRAND Opening!

Join us in celebrating the VERY exciting opening of our first showroom located at 1614 14th Street NW in Washington, DC! Looking back, the past 18 months of design/build were full of blood, sweat, and unforeseen design obstacles. All well worth the effort, resulting in a modern space that we are immensely proud of.

DC firm, Collective Architecture, artfully succeeded in transforming this rundown DC row home into a functional, collaborative space.  The walls are lined with sleek cabinets for holding samples, creating storage that conserves space and double as an artful wall display of large scale flooring installations. The floating mirrored conference room, a design brought to life by Teel Construction, encourages views through the space while creating the illusion of grander. SCHONOX completes the showroom’s contemporary clean look, while providing a museum worthy palate in which to highlight any flooring alternative.  All of these features come together to create a showroom we are proud to call home.  We look forward to welcoming you into our space!

Scroll on for a flashback of the project from “For Lease” to “Grand Opening”

1614 14th Street NW | February 2014

SpartanDC before it was SpartanDC



Collective Architecture Envisions the Future of Spartan DC | November 2014

Collective Architecture's Final Renderings



Teel Construction Breaks Ground | February/March 2015



Spartan Takes Shape



SCHONOX Creates a Museum Worthy Pallet  | March/April 2015

SCHONOX SHP and Renotex with Epoxy Coating



Teel Construction Brings Design Dreams to Life | April 2015

2015-04-10 08.29.57



The Completed Interior in All its Glory | May 2015



DC Go-ers, we’re OPEN! Come on in! Grab a seat. Take a look around. Use our wifi.  Bring your clients. Bring your friends. Make yourselves at home!

Passing by Our New Digs?
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2015-07-20 20.07.35



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